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Production Designing a $2M feature film merely eighteen months after his graduation from Ryerson University's Film Program proved to be typical of Michael Borthwick's quick rise in the Toronto film business. Sweeping studio floors as a PA right after graduation, Michael took all opportunities to present his storyboards to every Producer or Director possible. A professional Storyboardist since high school, Michael moved into Set Design when a Director noted that the sets in Michael's storyboards were drawn better than the Art Director's set sketches. Since then, Michael has enjoyed the distinction of being likely the ONLY Art Director in the Toronto market who can also provide integrated Director's Boards. The internet has led to storyboard clientele worldwide. Michael has also designed showrooms and installations from Manhattan to Hong Kong. Bringing extensive knowledge of modern construction products and techniques, Michael applies an acute awareness of the budgetary realities facing Producers. He is, in fact, famous for coming in under budget time after time after time. With excellent long-term relationships with the best local suppliers and finest Art Department personnel, Michael parleys that equity into a bottom line that works for the tightest of budgets. Having a hands-on approach that is well-known among those he has worked with, you may still find him sweeping the floor of one of his sets... just to make it right.

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A professional storyboardist while still in film school, Michael’s board total surpasses 1200 projects.

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An award winning illustrator, Michael applies the same attention to detail from initial sketch to finished set.

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